Everyone Has a Purpose

I’m a firm believer that everything we are given is due to God’s never ending love and mercy.  All of us are born with talents and abilities that our Maker has bestowed upon us.  The question is, how are we to use these?  Perhaps you manage your money well, you tithe, and even give extra to charities.  But how are you at utilizing your time?  Are you fully using the talents that God has given you?  My purpose for this blog and this website is to bring you into my world of stewardship.  Everyone can improve in this area and I am no exception.  Since the freezer meal trend inspired me to begin thinking about stewardship in my own life I’ve dedicated a separate section just for those items.  God has given me the passion and skills necessary to work with those in all types of poverty and my next formal education step is to explore this more.  Whether you’re here for just the freezer meal information, stewardship basics, or understanding more about God I welcome you!

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