Freezer Meals

When I needed to go back to school I knew that I wouldn’t have time to make healthy (or somewhat healthy) food and that I needed to crunch my budget.  Thus I jumped into the freezer meal way of meal preparation.  It’s amazing how many questions I get from people!  By now I’m somewhat of a pro, but it took a lot of trial and error for me to figure out what worked best for me.  I still make some mistakes when I try something new, but that’s all part of the learning process 🙂

Anyone that is concerned about time and money will find that this is one way to save on both.  It takes some organization, but that part can be learned.  What I found lacking are easy to follow instructions, everything that goes into the process, and doing this for only one or two people.  My goal is to post on subjects that I have not found a lot of and eventually develop downloadable material for you to be on your way!

For Beginners

Freezer Meals, Where Do I Begin

Before You Search…

Finding Recipes

Freezer Meal Supply List

Prepping Your Kitchen

Planning During Shortages

Beyond the Basics

Freezer Meals Soup Edition

Freezer Meals: More Soup!

Freezer Meals: Soup Round 3

Freezer Meals: Soup Round 4

My Process

Tips and Tricks for Cutting Large Amounts of Produce

My Freezer Meal Planning Part 1

My Freezer Meal Planning Part 2

Freezer Meal Planning Part 3-Lowering Costs

Souper Prep!: Making a Schedule