Freezer Meal Supply List

If you find a plan that someone else has created they sometimes will have the basic supplies that you will need.  If you are creating your own plan or want to make sure you aren’t forgetting anything here is a basic supply list to make sure that your prep session is maximized.

Sharpie markers-make sure that you don’t use regular coloring markers, they will run in the freezer.  You will want to make sure to label everything and write instructions so that you don’t have to figure out what is in a container or how long to cook something.  I’ve used these on foil on casseroles, masking tape to label containers, and writing directly on the freezer bag.

Masking tape-I get annoyed trying to scrub marker off of my containers so I use masking tape as an easy way to create and remove a label.

Brand name freezer bags-the store brand and bargain bags just don’t seal as well as the name brand bags.  The bags will run a little more, but you can usually find coupons or a sale to save some money.  I found out the hard way that the cheap bags will only last a week or so before freezer burn sets in.

Freezer containers-again you will want brand name containers because they seal the best.  Make sure that the package says you can use them in the freezer, if they aren’t meant for the freezer then freezer burn will set in.  Rubbermaid, Glad, and Ziploc are all brands that I have found useful.  A word to the wise, make sure that you have space in your freezer for all of the containers you are putting in there.

Disposable pans-these take up a lot of room!  I have a freezer on top of the ‘fridge so these are not ideal for me.  But if you have a larger freezer these are a great way to make casseroles and freeze.  If they don’t have lids you will also want to have some aluminum foil on hand.  Disposable pans can be used again to prevent waste, but most people that I’ve seen that use this method do it so they can save their glass baking dishes for their other cooking.  They also work great for taking meals to someone.

Measuring cups/spoons-If you’re only doing a few meals one set will work fine.  I typically use three sets when I do 10+ meals.  It saves a lot of washing time.  I also use a large glass measuring cup and a large plastic measuring cup.

Prep bowls-I can never figure out how much one onion equals if I chop all of them at once, so I use prep bowls to separate items.  These simply go in the refrigerator so no need to have name brand bowls, but beware that onions will linger in plastic bowls so it’s best to use glass for those.

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