My Freezer Meal Planning Part 2

It’s been a couple of months since I last posted about my process. I purposely did that so people can grasp exactly how far in advance I plan 🙂 I’ve been carrying my shopping list with me and hitting all of the sales so that I can save the most money when I go to make the meals. I’ve chosen 10 recipes and hope to come in right around $100 (one of the recipes makes two gallon bags and one recipe is individual pizzas).

Around the first of the year I hope to begin cooking and preparing them for the freezer. Currently I’m in the process of timing my last trip to the store for the fresh produce and calculating when I need to take all of the meat I bought on sale out of the freezer to thaw.

The day before I prep I usually sanitize my counters and set out all of my measuring cups, teaspoons, prep bowls, freezer bags, and ingredients. I typically go through each recipe and make sure that I didn’t forget anything and group nonperishable ingredients together so that everything is ready to go. If I feel extremely motivated I’ll even chop some veggies ahead of time.

I realize that this process isn’t a one size fits all approach, but hopefully it will give you some ideas on how to organize your own session. Remember to start small, doing more than 5 recipes in one day your first round will be overwhelming unless you have a lot of help!

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