5 Ways to Organize Your Time

5 Ways to Organize Your TimeLet’s face it, we all feel that we need more time. As I find myself in school yet again I’ve found ways in my own life to create margin so that I can not only get my assignments finished, but so that I also have time to sit back and relax. Unfortunately time isn’t something we can save up like money so how we organize our lives really does matter. Here are 5 simple things you can do to manage your time better.

  1. Stop binging on TV shows and movies.  Here in the United States we pride ourselves when we binge watch the latest series on Netflix or have a movie marathon.  There’s nothing wrong with doing this once or twice a year, but we tend to do this too often.  Limit your time so that you can do something more productive.
  2. Multitask the healthy way.  Multitasking is not meant for all areas of our lives, sometimes we do need to give something our full attention.  However, folding laundry while watching one episode of a show is an example of two tasks that do not require undivided attention. Paying bills is an example of one task that does require more attention.
  3. Stop going to the store multiple times per week.  Before heading out to the store make a list (there are several apps for your phone) and buy what you need to last you the week.  I have a magnetic white board on my refrigerator that I write items that I will need if you don’t want to use your phone. Walking around the store takes a long time and if you’re like me there’s always a distraction that causes me to take more time.
  4. Keep a time log of how much time you are spending doing various tasks.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of cutting something out or rearranging a schedule to create more time.  Hint: social media eats up way more time than you realize.
  5. Naturally I’m a huge fan of bulk cooking food, so try a freezer meal round to save you time.  While the organization and prep takes a while, overall time saved is huge.  Not to mention that it also saves money and those extra trips to the store.

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