Freezer Meals: Soup Round 3

After making my third round of nothing but soup I can safely say that I still need to work on smoothing out the process.  I’m still working on nailing the right amount of cups that a batch of soup makes.  However, I say it’s better to end up with too much than too little!

Here are the recipes from this round:

White Chicken Lasagna

Shrimp and Corn Chowder

Chicken Fajita

Chicken Detox

Chicken Couscous

Italian Spinach Orzo

Couscous Meatball

Meatball Veggie

Mushroom and Wild Rice

Zuppa Toscana

I also made a Beef Veggie with Cabbage and Pot Roast Mushroom.  Due to copyright I am unable to post the recipes for these (but there are several variations available).

Roasted Tomato-Each year I make up my own version of this.  This year included  3 pounds tomatoes, 2 red peppers, and a jalepeno drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with garlic and pepper.  I roasted the pan of veggies in the oven until tender.  I added in 2 cans of tomatoes because we are having a late tomato season this year.  I blended all of these with some cooked onion and four cups of veggie broth and seasoned with basil.  Once everything was good and blended smooth I added in about a cup of heavy whipping cream.

tomato soup

Making all of these plus homemade veggie broth took me about four days.  This round had more fresh veggies than anything else so it took quite a bit of time to cut everything.  I would get one soup simmering and then cut and start preparing the next.  I typically had three going at once since it takes a minimum of 30 minutes for one to simmer.  All of the veggies below were just for one batch!

soup 2019

This was for the meatball veggie soup.  I had to use the large stock pot because the veggies take up a lot of space until they cook down.

soup 2019 2

I also had to smash the kale and greens down in the pan for the meatball couscous.  I typically season and cook these before adding to the soup since the recipe calls for 16 cups total.

kale and greens

Other than calculating the amount more accurately I believe I have the rhythm down for making this much soup in a few days.  Most of these are hearty and full of veggies so they will make a meal all on their own.  All of these recipes only cost me $114.  I planned ahead and was able to save money by purchasing meat on sale and buying a lot of the produce at our farmer’s market.  Our local market is actually cheaper than the grocery stores and it’s fresh picked!

If anyone else out there is doing mass batches of soup please reach out and let’s share processes!



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